• Abu Dhabi Golf Club

    By dantedast | Mag 25th, 2016 | Architecture | 0 Comments

    The project foresees the development of a central area of the city, in close proximity to an important axis road and at the boundary with the hippodrome, within which the golf area will be developed.

    The concept design was inspired by the world where the works are to be realized and for which they have to become The vision.

    Environment – modern and technological – culture – life style

    The vision for the proposed project will be to create a highly dedicated recreational, sports and

    F&B facility able to satisfy the needs of people of all ages across Abu Dhabi.

    The project will need to achieve the following objectives:

    • Transform the subject sites into a revived recreational and family entertainment destination with an F&B offer.
    • Develop key facilities and functional multi-purpose spaces that will assist in drawing demand from the immediate surroundings and hence help create a critical mass.
    • Delivery of modern, innovative design solutions at cost effective and viable standards.
    • Allow for the integration of sustainable, green design and construction standards; concentrating on viable and cost effective solutions.
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